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From Luxury Motor Cruisers To Hospitals

EASyNoMould keep the air free of mould and mould spores
Motor Cruiser

From super yachts to motor cruisers use EasyNoMould

EASyNoMould is used in many different situations for the control of mould, mould spores and bacteria. I was quite surprised when Neil, the creator of the product, reeled off a list of different places that have requested and now use his product. In his own works … “Environmental Air Solutions is currently in use on a number of Super Yachts around the world, as well as hotels, resorts, educational and aged care facilities in Australia.”

Distilled From Tea Tree
The oil itself is steam distilled from the leaves of a native plant and possesses amazing anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti septic qualities. It cannot be synthetically produced so that was another important factor for me. After learning that ‘Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil’ holds the highest levels of compounds, it ticked all of the boxes. Neil lives in Cairns, Australia, is a great part of the world. The Great Barrier Reef is literally at his doorstep and when to learned that the best Tea Tree Oil in Australia is produced no more than 1 hour from where he lives, he thought that was just fantastic.

Oil And Water Do Not Mix
As most people know, oil and water do not mix well together. The biggest challenge for Neil was to work out a natural way to keep the Tea Tree Oil permanently suspended in the water and to then control its evaporation rate. There was no compromise when it came to doing this naturally as Neil was not going to use any alcohols, gums or chemicals.

Six long years later and in October 2012, Neil’s formulation was completed. He knew his product was going to work and it did. Literally overnight, his children stopped coughing and the mould in their home stopped growing within two days. That was it, he had solved the problem and was over the moon!!

But, unbeknown to Neil, his wife had been giving some of the product to friends and family to try. Within a couple of weeks Neil started getting phone calls from people he didn’t even know asking if they could buy some of “the green stuff” he made. Neil quickly learnt that his product was helping their problems too – everyone stopped coughing, asthma attacks were reducing, no more sickness and the mould stopped growing.

Neil’s product was never invented to be commercialised. But after so many people who had used it, telling him how much it has helped them, it was a very easy decision to take it to the market. Neil now knew that his product could not only keep his own and a few other families safe but could also be of benefit and help to millions more.

Neil doesn’t claim that his product will cure illness, but what he does know is that if you are indoors: on the sea, in the air or on the land, EASyNoMould kills and stops the growth of mould, bacteria and fungi and so doing, provides the highest quality of indoor air for people to breathe.

I hope the information is of interest ….      Jannita