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Qld Expo Nambour setting upSome of you may know that our company, Arborlab Tree Care Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Silky Saws from Japan. Every year for the last  twenty years or so we have displayed Silky Saws at the Qld Garden Expo held in Nambour. We enjoy being in front of clients who use our products and get many interesting stories and ideas.

This year, 2016 we added a small stand for EASyNoMould to our site. The image on the left shows us setting up our site for Silky Saws and our area for the EAS spray and gel.

There were two reasons for displaying the EASyNoMould.  First, we wanted to find out if there was interest in a natural product, without chemicals that is developed in Australia for the removal of mould and that could kill mould spores. Second, we wanted to find out if people would buy that product. This was our market testing before we invested in a lot of stock and marketing expenses.

Talitha at Qld Garden ExpoOur results were better that expected. All weekend we were talking with customers and hearing stories about how mould had affected their quality of life, from irritation to the lungs, nose, ears, throat and eyes to stories of cognitive impairment in an elderly couple.

What surprised us most was that the larger containers were among the first to sell. Most people purchased both the spray and the gel as the spray is used to remove the mould and the evaporative gel is used to kill the mould spores that are released by the mould as you remove it.

It was a great weekend, with a lot of interest for both Silky Saws and EASyNoMould spray and evaporative gel. Although there was a bit more work to setup with the new product, it was a great learning experience and confirmed our thoughts that EASyNoMould is a great product and would be welcomed by clients who have experienced a mould infestation.

By the way, if you are also interested in the best pruning and arborist hand saws and pole saws, you are welcome to have a look at them at Arborlab

Thanks for reading … Jannita