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mouldy sippy cupYesterday I was on google, researching the affects mould can have on my health. I don’t have children, but from what I saw yesterday, I will be spreading the news like wildfire to all friends and family with children.

I came across a father from Canada who didn’t understand why his little boy was getting so sick. The father broke the ‘leak proof’ sippy cup lid to find a thick layer of mould stuck on the top of his toddler’s sippy cup. The father was horrified when he saw the clumps of brown residue that had congealed inside the contraption right next to the whole where liquid comes out.

After posting pictures over social media of what he found, numerous parents found they were having the exact same problem, and posted photos of their toddler’s mouldy sippy cups. The mould doesn’t wash out when you clean it by hand or dishwasher. You cannot see the mould unless the cup is broken open.

I was shocked with what I saw. I know mould is dangerous to our health, and you don’t realise how easy it is to get in contact with it.

The reason that I was looking for mould related stories is that we have become the Australian distributors for a natural mould killer product that we call EASyNoMould. It is based on Australian Tea Tree Oil the most effective natural bacteria and fungi remover known to exist in the world. It was developed by Neil Jonsen in Cairns. You can go to this post to read more about it

Since we started marketing EASyNoMould I have learnt so much about mould and the affects it can have on your health.

If, like Neil and the father who found the mould in the “sippy cup” you have children who are sick and it is difficult to find out why, there could be a mould problem you haven’t discovered yet. Just like the air conditioner in our office. Until I saw the mould in it, I was blissfully unaware of how mould can live and multiply in different locations.

If you want to see how mould can grow in your air conditioner go to this post In case you are wondering, that is me placing the EASyNoMould evaporative gel on top of the air conditioner.

Thanks for reading. If I come across any more interesting stories of mould I will write another post.

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