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WorkAirConditionerWe recently moved our office and warehouse to Capalaba in Brisbane. Apart from not being able to get an internet connection from Telstra, we are pleased with the location and the increase in warehouse storage. The lack of landline internet is laughable and our politicians are saying that we need to be innovative. We have had to rely on satellite internet until a line becomes available in this industrial zoned area twenty kilometres from the centre of Brisbane.

Taking the plunge to move and increase the overheads took a while to adjust to. Finally, after coming to terms with the internet problem and the increase in expenses we moved in. There were some small teething problems, but no major issues.

When we made the decision to also distribute Neil Jonsen’s tea tree based product we call EASyNoMould we had a look at the air conditioners and what we found in the back office really had us staring wide eyed.

As you can see the air conditioner was covered in black mould. We were quite shocked to be honest. But it didn’t take long to get out the liquid spray and squirt it all over the place. We left it for a couple of hours, sprayed again and then cleaned it all off. It was a work of art figuring out how to take some of the pieces off so that we could get in and clean it all. It was a worthwhile exercise, not only for the fact the air conditioner would be clean and not spreading mould spores throughout the place, but for our own confidence in the product we are recommending to clients.

ShenaeAirConWe all got in and had a go at using the product and doing the cleaning. Our newest and youngest staff member is Shenae, who is pictured placing the evaporative gel on top of the air conditioner so that it will recirculate the tea tree essence and subtle fragrance throughout the air conditioner and the office.

Thanks for reading … Jannita