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asian house geckoWhile at our Brisbane Garden Expo stand, I was surprised with the number of people who experienced problems with geckos. I did a little research and have learnt that the one that gives people the most irritation is the Asian house gecko, an illegal immigrant that arrived at Brisbane port about 50 years ago.

These are the geckos that wait for you to turn on the bathroom or toilet light and they hunt the insects attracted to the light.

They are called house geckos as they don’t like going bush, it would appear they like human company and spend all their life living in or near to houses and the occupants. The ABC had a great article Asian house geckos are benign invaders

When I entered “geckos and air conditioners” into google, this was a typical comment …
THEY poop all over your house, invade your air conditioning units and sometimes can come to grief in your computer hard drives or old TV sets …

Love Hate Relationship
I think there is a love hate relationship between humans and geckos. On the one hand we like the insect killing ways of the gecko, especially cockroaches, but we dislike it when they decide to take up residence in the house and leave evidence of their nocturnal wanderings in little mounds all around the place. That is if they don’t take up residence inside the air conditioner or computer and get fried causing a short circuit of the electronics. The repair bill is usually enough to inspire the hate part of the relationship.

Asian house geckos My sister lives in Cairns and has a lot of geckos that invade the house. She uses the EASyNoMould spray and gel and sprays it in her air conditioners and on her leather couch as mould grows on both. She was really surprised when she found that the geckos no longer take up residence in the air conditioners.

Talitha now sprays around the doorways and finds that the geckos don’t even come into the house, they seem to be repelled by the ingredients. The main ingredient is tea tree oil and other proprietary natural inputs that keep the tea tree oil suspended in the liquid and not float to the surface. This ensures that every time you spray, the active tea tree oil ingredient is applied evenly to the surface you are spraying.

Bye for now …  Jannita