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Welcome to the Answer to MOULD

Evaporative gel in a 100g container based on Tea Tree Oil to eliminate mould spores

Mould in the Wall

Mould can cause irritation to the lungs, nose, ears, throat and eyes.

Double Murder Suspect

Unusual murder suspect in the deaths of a Hollywood couple

Mouldy Air Conditioner At Work

The back office air conditioner full of mould before spraying and cleaning with EASyNoMould liquid. To stop regrowth and kill mould spores EASyNoMould evaporative gel is placed near the air intake.

What Clients and the Australian Creator of EASyNoMould are Saying

Living in Cairns, mould is always an issue. I found that EASyNoMould stops mould growing on the leather couch in the wet season and in the air conditioners. The biggest benefit though is it repels the geckos. Spraying it in the air conditioners made them stay away. I now spray around the doorways and they don’t come back inside.


I work in air conditioning and after my very young son became extremely ill it dawned on me that the mould and mould spores I was bringing home on my clothes was responsible. I spent six years creating the EASyNoMould evaporative gel and liquid spray to protect my family.

Neil Jonsen

Creator, Environmental Air Solutions

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EASyNoMould is available in a spray and an evaporative gel. Spray the mould and let it soak for two hours. Spray again and remove the mould. Use the evaporative gel to prevent reinfestation.